HEY HEY HEEEEEEEEEEEY~ I've been very busy for a while and I almost forgot to update my blog ;3 
anyways, i just wanted to share this cutie, my Laptop. His name is Eun Jiwon, has a new skin *u* I made it my self, my very own personalize laptop skin yiee xD

Before : it was a OT12 skin, although the EXO-K is just a sticker,bcos i don't have a full OT12 poster that I can make as a skin.

After : a Tao skin ;3 yeeey~

Isn't he cutie?

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I can't message you back because your messaging is off I think ;; But my reply is:
HEY!! :D I've been alright ^^ I miss you too ;; Do you have twitter?? I have a new private one :) I hope you're doing well, too! What have you been up to?
I'm @AechaPark_ in twitter!! I'll pm you there~
I am doing well. Been lazing around xDD
I didn't know my msg is off T___T I missed youuuu so much!
I'm still doing the same. I'm upcoming 4th year college student and there's a lot on my plate, but i still read fanfics and update in KPop xDDD what about you?
i followed you!! my account is on private but hopefully you know which one it is?? :)
it's so good to hear from you!! i'm alright, just started college actually i'm on my last quarter of my freshman year and wow it's been interesting LOL i'll tell you more on twitter~
OMG, i don't know!! hwaaaaa~ Can you DM me??
I'll check later! xD
That's good! Wow, you're in college now! I'm so happy for you!!
Good Luck!!
I'll catch you there, then!

btw, I saw your post. You were going to leave KPop fandom soon??